About Robert Gregory

Gregory Environmental Consulting Ltd (GECL) was formed by Robert Gregory in 2016, after a career of over 25 years, serving in some of the most highly-respected consultancies in the world. Bob is a clear thinking and commercially focussed environment and energy consultant with an international client portfolio and experience.

Robert Gregory

Professional & Academic Qualifications

  • BSc Geochemistry – University of Reading 1982
  • PhD Geology – University of Exeter 1987
  • Chartered Waste Manager
  • Chartered Environmentalist
  • Chartered Chemist
  • Fellow, Chartered Institution of Wastes Management
  • Member, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Fellow of the Geological Society

Bob has been at the cutting edge of waste management and renewable energy developments for his entire career. As an early practitioner, he has always been a leader rather than a follower:

We couldn’t google the answer; so we wrote the book on it

Some of his best known achievements include:

  • Development of what has become the default approach to landfill gas resource assessment for landfill gas to energy portfolios across the UK and Europe.
  • The scientific basis for the GasSim model, the regulatory landfill gas management tool developed for the EA, and the AD-Sim model developed with Cranfield University.
  • Many technical projects contributing to the pool of applied science which supported the Environment Agency’s technical guidance on landfill gas management, landfill surface emissions, landfill gas engine and flare emissions, and gas clean-up technologies.
  • Technical authorship of landfill gas guidance for the EA and the Irish EPA, and landfill gas safety guidance for DEn/DoE/Ofgas.
  • Technical authorship of hazardous waste guidance for the EA.
  • Steering group membership on landfill gas guidance for building protection, and authorship of remedial engineering guidance for closed landfill sites for CIRIA.
  • Landfill monitoring technical advisory group (LMTAG) member of the EU Life+ project Assessing, Capturing and Utilising Methane from Expired and Non-operational landfills (ACUMEN).
  • Expert witness, advice and arbitration for landfill operators and renewable energy producers in civil and criminal cases.

Bob was honoured to serve as a Review Editor for the Waste Management Chapter of the Third Volume (Mitigation) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report 2006. This report led to the IPCC being jointly awarded (alongside Al Gore) the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

Bob has worked internationally, including projects located across Europe, the Middle East, North America, Central America, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Australia. The wide ranging climatic, sociological, regulatory and economic influences which impact waste management and renewable energy projects in different regions of the world mean that no two projects are alike, and what is best practice in one region might not be appropriate in another.