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Gregory Environmental Consulting Ltd (GECL) is an independent UK based consultancy with the technical knowledge and international experience to offer sound environmental solutions and pragmatic commercial advice to the following sectors:

waste and resource management

renewable energy

late-life landfill management and redevelopment

waste and resource management

renewable energy

late-life landfill management and redevelopment

The founder, Robert Gregory, has worked for some of the most highly-respected consultancy firms in the world, before forming this boutique consultancy in February 2016. He has over 35 years’ experience working with developers, financiers, operators, regulators and policy makers.


GECL has a client focussed philosophy, and continues to build on its founder’s international reputation based on trust and long-lasting professional relationships.

Project teams can be built as required from an extensive network of associates, to serve your needs across the whole project cycle, or embedded in your own team to deliver specific projects:

site selection and planning | feasibility, technology review, design | environmental assessment and permitting | operation and compliance | due diligence, acquisition and divestiture | decommissioning, and site redevelopment

Professional links

Waga Energy

Gregory Environmental Consulting is proud to be supporting Waga Energy roll out the newest and most exciting technology for utilising landfill gas since the spark ignition engine.

Follow this link for more information:

If you would like to learn more about how Gregory Environmental Consulting can work alongside you to progress your projects, or provide expert services, you can contact us via any of the links given below

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